2020 District 1 Regional Commander's Report

Submitted and Prepared by:

Nikiforos Mathews, Esq.
Archon Ekdikos
Regional Commander

Set forth below is a brief description of activities in which the Archons of District 1 engaged and participated during the past year on behalf of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle in pursuit of religious freedom for the Mother Church.

In light of the pandemic, the District was unable to hold an event that was being planned for the Spring.  Also, the annual Lenten retreat, which draws numerous District Archons each year, was canceled.

The Regional Commander nevertheless maintained contact with the Archons of the District, attended to Archon candidate applications, encouraged Exarch’s Appeal participation and participated in leadership calls.

In addition, the Regional Commander and other Archons of the District supported the Order throughout the year in connection with various legal (including coordination with governmental authorities), accounting and insurance matters.

The District will be well-represented at the Order’s virtual Archon Weekend event planned for the December 12, 2020.

  1. My last Archon Regional Commander 2020 Annual Report for District 1 (attached)
  2. The link to the Archon website: “For more information: archons.org