Parish Council Seminar Team

The Parish Council Seminar Team has the formidable task of overseeing and coordinating the parish council seminar program within the Direct Archdiocesan District.  The members of the team will review, enhance and further develop the curriculum for these seminars.  Moreover, they will set the dates for these seminars as well as identify locations in which they will be held, making them as easily accessible as possible to all the parishes of the DAD. 

As mandated by Article 25 (see below) these obligatory seminars are to help prepare and inform prospective Parish Council candidates in establishing an appropriate mindset, making participants fully aware of the content and intent of the Uniform Parish Regulations and their responsibilities within a parish to ultimately assure the good governance of the local church and Church-at-large.   

The Seminars, which take place in late fall and early winter, will be administered by a member of the team or another individual authorized by the Office of the Chancellor.      

Article 25

Election of Parish Council

Section 3: Candidates for election to the Parish Council shall be nominated in accordance with the provisions of the Parish Bylaws.

A. All candidates shall attend a seminar conducted by the Priest prior to the election at which the Priest shall discuss and explain to the candidates the Uniform Parish Regulations, and the significance of the affirmation of office.

B. At the discretion of the respective Hierarch, such seminar may be held locally or regionally, provided that candidates are given appropriate advance notice and more than one reasonable opportunity to attend the seminar in a location within close proximity to the applicable Parish.

In the event that an otherwise eligible candidate(s) cannot attend the scheduled seminar(s) for justifiable cause, the Priest shall meet privately with such individual(s) to provide the seminar.

D. At the conclusion of the seminar all candidates must sign a statement acknowledging that they understand the Regulations and will abide by them and the affirmation of office. If a candidate for the Parish Council does not attend a seminar and sign the statement, his/her name shall be deleted from the list of candidates.