Athletic Ministries

“And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned

unless he competes according to the rules.”

2 Timothy 5

The Athletic Ministries of our beloved Archdiocesan District are about more than competition, as they provide an opportunity for the youngest members of our parishes to work together with their peers towards a common goal in a Christian atmosphere.  Together with our parish’s Sunday school, HOPE, JOY, and GOYA programs, various district level retreats, local and global outreach opportunities, our Athletic Ministries are an important part of the total youth ministry that takes place in our A.D. For over 30 years, the young people of our District have been afforded the opportunity to participate in various sporting events across the region.

These Athletic Ministries have become an integral part of our children’s fellowship with each other and the Church, and provide a unique opportunity for those participating in the youth ministries of our Church.

Athletic Ministries Rules and Guidelines Manual

Please use the following forms for ALL Athletic Ministries:

COMPLETE PACKET OF FILLABE PDF Athletic Forms (Use only what you need)

D.A.D. Athletics Player Registration and Consent

D.A.D. Team Roster Registration Form

D.A.D. Athletic League Coaching Application

D.A.D. Player Oath of Conduct – NY

D.A.D. Player Oath of Conduct – CT

D.A.D. Coach Oath of Conduct

D.A.D. Parent Oath of Conduct

D.A.D. Athletic League Game Day Roster Form

D.A.D. Senior Division Team Roster Form – CT

D.A.D. Athletic League Accident Report

D.A.D. Athletic League Protest Form


For more information about any of our Athletic Ministries, please check out the each league’s website.

Greek Orthodox Basketball League

Greek Orthodox Volleyball League

Greek Orthodox Soccer League

Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan District Olympics