Oct 5th - Religious Education Symposium - St. Nicholas, Flushing

Sat. Oct. 5th, 10am - 3pm.
This Symposium is sponsored by the Religious Education Committee of the Direct Archdiocesan District, and hosted by St. Nicholas, Flushing.  We thank His Grace Bishop Andonios for his support and Fr. Paul Palesty for his hospitality in hosting.  
This event is open for all Religious Educators, Parents, and Parishioners.  There will be presentations, speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions for all participants; focusing on the importance of the Divine Liturgy, the consideration of time in the Church, and continuing the lessons of the Divine Liturgy in the Sunday School Class and the Home!
Presentations will be made by Rev. Fr. Paul Palesty, Dr. George Demacopoulos, and Angeliki Constantine from the Dept. Religious Education.  
Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.  Registration is FREE but please inform your parish priest if you plan to attend ASAP!
We kindly encourage Sunday School teachers, specifically, for this worthy undertaking.  
Additional information will be sent in the coming weeks.  Should you have any questions, please contact Rev. Fr. Demetrios Kazakis at Demetrios.Kazakis@gmail.com directly!