About the Direct Archdiocesan District

The Direct Archdiocesan District, based in New York City, is composed of 65 parishes located throughout the greater New York area, the northern suburbs, upstate New York, Long Island, the western half of Connecticut, Washington D.C. and the independent nation of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (Nassau N.P.).

The Direct Archdiocesan District is under the direct authority, supervision, and pastoral care of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America. This is a unique element since Archbishop Elpidophoros also serves as the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America and as the Chairman of the Holy Eparchial Synod of Bishops.  Assisting the Archbishop in the administration of the Direct Archdiocesan District is the Chancellor, His Grace Bishop Andonios of Phasiane. 


Chapels: St. Basil at St. Basil Academy, Taxiarchae at St. Michael’s Home in Yonkers, the Three Hierarchs Chapel at the University of Connecticut in Storrs (physically located on the Metropolis of Boston side of the state), St. Cosmas Chapel (located in the Archdiocesan Hellenic Cultural Center), and the Chapel of St. Paul at the Archdiocese of America headquarters. 

Geographic entities: Approximately, eastern half of New York state, western half of Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. 

Other organizations: The Direct Archdiocesan District also serves as the locale for the Archdiocese national institutions and organizations of Holy Trinity Archdiocesan Cathedral, Saint Basil Academy, St. Michael’s Home in Yonkers, the Archdiocesan Hellenic Cultural Center and the National Philoptochos headquarters. 

Approximate area: 30,850 sq. miles (including the Bahamas consisting of 29 major islands covering 5,380 sq. miles). 

Largest parish: St. Nicholas in Flushing. The Hellenic Greek Orthodox Community in Astoria consists of two churches: St. Demetrios Cathedral and St. Catherine-St. George Church. 

Monastic Communities: All Saints Monastery in Calverton, N.Y. (female); Saint Nektarios Monastery in Roscoe, N.Y. (male)

Some information is borrowed from the January 2012 edition of the Orthodox Observer.

Related Information

- Registar:  Rev. Fr. Gedeon Varytimos
- Parochial School Education:  
- Youth Ministry: Fr. Panagiotis Papazafiropoulos
- Camp St. Paul:  Fr. Elias Villis
- D.A.D. Council Vice President:  Larry Hotzoglou
- Finance Chairman:  Harry Raptakis
- Clergy Syndesmos:  Fr. John Lardas
- District Philoptochos:  Jennifer Constantin
- Presvyteres Sisterhood:  Presv. Dianna Kazakis
- Religious Education:  Fr. Paul Palesty
- Outreach Committee:  V. Rev. Nektarios Papazafiropoulos
- Church Music Federation:  Anna Dounelis
- Archon Commanders Region 1:  Peter Skeadas
- Archon Commanders Region 2:  John Kassimatis, Inspector
- Archdiocesan Youth Choir:  Panikos Papanikolaou (Chairman) & Maria Koleva (Choir Master)
- Archdiocesan School of Byzantine Music: 
- Stewardship:  William Kallinikos & George Zimmar
- D.A.D. Representatives to the Alumni Association of HC/HC:  Fr. Demetrios Kazakis & Mr. George Hazlaris