St. John Chrysostom Clergy Syndesmos

The St. John Chrysostom Clergy Syndesmos of the Direct Archdiocesan District is comprised of all the Clergymen of the Communities within our District including the District of Columbia. Also included in this Syndesmos are all the Clergy associated with our Holy Archdiocese and St. Basil's Academy. There exists within the Syndesmos five "Fellowships" in accordance with the geographical areas within the District. They are as follows:

- Southern and Western Connecticut Parishes
- Upstate New York Regional Parishes
- The Five Boroughs of NYC and Westchester County Parishes
- Nassau/Suffolk Parishes
- The District of Columbia Parishes
- The Independent Nation of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Parish

As a Joint Syndesmos the President (elected every 2 years prior to the Clergy Laity Congress) offers several programs for the entire Clergy Brotherhood. They consist of:
- Annual gatherings with His Eminence
- Christmas and Great Lent/Paschal Clergy Retreats
- Seasonal Clergy Fellowship Meetings.
For the Ecclesiastical years beginning September 2016 to June of 2018 the Officers for the Syndesmos are:

Rev. Protopresbyter Fr. Elias Villis - President
Rev. Protopresbyter Fr. Peter Orfanakos - Vice President
Rev. Fr. Demetrios Kazakis - Secretary
Rev. Fr. Nikolas Karloutsos - Treasurer