Volunteers Assist Families Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Students from Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology came from Boston to assist New York families affected by hurricane Sandy. On March 30th, the eight volunteers helped two families that are still in the process of recovering from the effects of the storm and flooding.

The volunteers had a great experience and the families were extremely grateful for their help. One of the students, John Dalber, wrote on behalf of the volunteers: “Helping these families in their time of need seemed almost effortless on our parts. It was nothing for us to give up a weekend to help with the hurricane Sandy relief efforts of the Archdiocese, but our endeavor made a big difference in the lives of those families who needed our help; we wish we could have stayed there for a whole week… And with every group that helps with these efforts, every different team will be able to say that we all did it together!

There is a continuous need for volunteer help, and over the next few months the Department of Philanthropy of the Archdiocese will continue to try to coordinate additional groups of volunteers to assist families with their home repairs.

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