D.A.D. Federation of Church Musician Scholarships

The Direct Archdiocesan District Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians established the Federation Scholarship Program for bona fide Federation members… the church musicians and their children.

The annual program is administered by a select committee of the Federation whose purpose is to identify and honor exceptionally talented applicants, and to aid one or more in obtaining or advancing an education in music, ultimately leading to a baccalaureate degree or equivalent.

Federation scholarship winners are chosen on the basis of academic records, leadership, and dedication to Church ideals, significant Church music accomplishments or promise and anticipated college/university goals.  The sole criterion, which must be adhered to, is that all scholarship recipients must plan to either major or minor in musical study.

The Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form is attached for your information.  Please note that completed applications must be received no later than July 31st.

Thank you.

Anna Dounelis